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MagSafe Ring Sticker

MagSafe Ring Sticker

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Can be attached to a mobile phone Stainless steel sticker.

This will allow you to attach magnetic items even to non-magnetic cases.

Please read the following precautions carefully before purchasing.

*Do not attach directly to your smartphone. Make sure to attach it to a case.

*This product is not a magnet. It is a stainless steel metal ring that helps you use the MagSafe function.

*This product does not guarantee compatibility with genuine Apple products ( wireless charging, MagSafeWallet, etc.). It is intended only to attach products with built-in magnets, and we cannot guarantee compatibility or functionality with products from other companies.

*Leather, glass, silicone, iFace brand cases, etc. It cannot be attached to cases with special coatings (water-repellent, glass coating, etc.) .

*When removing, do not remove it vertically, but slide it sideways to avoid it coming off easily.

*We do not provide any compensation for loss, damage, or dirt to the main unit, or damage to internal data resulting from the use of this product.






  • 濡れた際は柔らかい布等で拭き取ってから保管してください。
  • 強い衝撃が加わると破損・汚損の原因となります。無理に引っ張ったり、折り曲げたりしないで下さい。
  • お子様の手の届かないところに保管してください。
  • モニター環境や光の加減で、画像と実物の色の違いがある場合がございます。
  • 出荷時に検品は行なっておりますが小さなキズや汚れ等に関しましてはご容赦ください。



  • 送料:一律800円
  • 配送期間:購入入金から約2週間での発送


  • 不良品、故障による交換等のお問い合わせは発送後7日以内にご連絡ください。上記期間を過ぎますと対応致しかねます。


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